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Turbo Tax discount coupons to save you $30+ plus get free e-file for your federal and state taxes with this promo.

Free Turbo Tax online + $37 off Turbotax Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business

What is better than a Free Trial deal? How about completely free for good? :-)

2016 Intuit Turbo Tax basic edition is now 100% free, with free e-file. Free turbo tax online edition is good for 1040EZ. For 1040 form, use turbo tax coupon for $24 off the deluxe version. Also available is turbotax coupon for $36 off for the Premier and Home & Business version. You need the Home & Business version only if you need to file the Schedule C (if you own a business, LLC, or a rental property).

All the editions include the latest tax laws (including the ACA (Obamacare)) so that all the calculations are guaranteed for accuracy.

Enjoy the savings!

2016 TurboTax, TaxCut & TaxAct Coupons, Discounts & Free Downloads

Free 2016 Tax Cut, Turbo Tax & TaxAct Coupons, Discounts: Online &Downloads

It’s that time of the year again: To find a tax software that finds all possible deductions for you so that you can get the biggest tax refund. Even better, if you can find this software with discount, your savings go farther. So here the top tax software deals for 2016:

  • Turbo Tax Coupon & Discounts: Online & Downloadable
    • Click the link above to get the following savings
    • Online Coupons: Get simple edition 100% free
    • The Premium, Delux & Home & Business editions are free to start, and pay only if you are happy with how big your refund is
    • Prepare it Online at Intuit website and get Exclusive 40% discount
    • Downloadable Discounts: 29% Off download edition: No shipping, no packaging, environment friendly
    • Free online eFile electronic filing
    • TurboTax guarantees the biggest refund possible
    • Fast refund(~8 Days)
    • Available for federal returns, as well as the returns for all 50 states
    • Like last year, the versions are: Turbo Tax Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, and Basic
    • Free support if you get audited
    • 24/7 free online support
  • H&R Block At Home (Taxcut) Coupon Savings: Online & Software Downloads
    • Click the link above to get the following savings
    • 15% Off online taxcut coupon saves you $10-15 depending upon the version you pick. Get the Basic edition for free.
    • 29% Off the download version
    • 31% off the CD version
    • H&R Block At Home 2016 comes in Basic, Premium and Home & Business editions
    • Includes not 1 but 5 free electronic filing (eFile)
    • Free audit supprot tax professional
    • Free session with a tax expert
    • Comes with all IRS forms for personal, business and partnership
  • TaxAct Free Download & Discounts
    • Click the link above to get the following savings
    • 100% free online TaxAct: Includes free IRS eFile
    • 19% off Tax Act downloads
    • Available in Starter, Deluxe and Ultimate editions
    • Free Deduction Examiner

Since all of them offer free editions, if you have never used a tax preparation software before, you can always try them. Once you choose one, it is better to keep using the same one the following year, as you can import the previous year’s tax returns, and all the information you entered seamlessly to save time.

Turbo Tax sale: How to get free TurboTax + Get a refund in 10 days

Turbo Tax Coupon for Free TurboTax Online + Refund from IRS in 10 Days

Here is how you can get 100% free Turbo Tax federal tax returns and free e-file, plus get a tax refund in 10 days. As April 15th IRS tax filing date is closing in, it is time to do the income-tax preparation online. Start with the Free Turbo Tax Coupon offer, where you can do your complex taxes for free with Turbo Tax online as long as your returns are simple. For complex returns, Turbo Tax Sale offers the deal where you can complete your complex returns with one of the TurboTax Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business editions. Once you have the final numbers, and if you believe that the tax software gave you the best tax refund you can possible get, you choose to check out, else you do not owe the Intuit folks a penny.Regardless of the TurboTax edition used, you get federal e-file 100% free as well. Do make sure to specify the bank account into which you would like to get your tax refund deposited. After filing the online e-file, most people get the refund within 10 days.

So there you have it, now you know how to get Turbo Tax online free, plus get your income tax refund from IRS in 10 days.

52 most overlooked tax deductions

Do you give away your hard earned to Uncle Sam for free? That is exactly you are doing if you miss any of the tax deductions that you are eligible for. Here is an extensive list of tax deductions most often missed. I have compiled this list over last 4 years. I surprise myself how much I would miss each year if I did not have this list with me!

Do note that income tax is a complicated subject, so do not use this guide as a replacement of advice from a trained tax consultant. If you do not want to spend money on a tax consultant, you may check out the turbo tax coupon for free turbotax online.

Drum roll…. The (not yet) famous list of 52 most overlooked tax deductions

(Just for fun, count how many of these you would have missed without this list. I will have a scoring at the end of the list!).

1. Any taxes paid to a foreign government
2. Appraisal fees for charitable donations
3. Appreciation on property before it was donated to a charity
4. Cars and boats state personal property taxes
5. Casualty or theft losses
6. Commissions and closing costs paid on sale of property
7. Contact lenses and eyeglasses
8. Cost for alcoholism and drug abuse treatment
9. Costs incurred for looking for a new job in your present occupation, including fees for resume preparation and employment of outplacement angencie
10. Education expenses required by law or your employer or needed to maintain or improve your skills
11. Employee’s moving expenses
12. Federal state tax on income with respect to a decedent
13. Fees paid for charitable donations appraisal
14. Fees paid for childbirth preparation classes if related to obstetrical care
15. Foster child care expenses
16. Gambling losses (can only be used to offset gambling winnings)
17. Half of self-employment tax
18. Health insurance premiums (If self-employed)
19. Hearing devices
20. Home computer depreciation
21. Home improvement expenses
22. Home mortgage prepayment penalties and late fees
23. Hospital services fees (laboratory work, therapy, nursing services, and surgery)
24. Impairment-related work expenses for a disabled individual
25. Investment advise broker fees
26. IRA trustee’s administrative fees (f billed separately)
27. Labor union dues
28. Laundry fees when traveling
29. Lead paint removal cost
30. Legal fees for obtaining or collecting alimony
31. Long-term care insurance premiums
32. Margin account interest paid
33. Medical transportation, including standard mileage deduction plus lodging expenses for medical reasons while away from home
34. Office equipment depreciation
35. Out-of-pocket expenses relating to charitable activities, including the standard mileage deduction
36. Personal liability insurance for wrongful acts as an employee
37. Points on a home mortgage and refinancing
38. Professional journal subscriptions
39. Premium on taxable bonds amortization
40. Prescription contraceptives
41. Protective clothing required at work
42. Real estate taxes with the purchase or sale of property
43. Safe-deposit box charges for holding investments (e.g. share certificates)
44. Savings early withdrawal penalty
45. Seller-paid points on the purchase of a home
46. Special equipment for the disabled
47. Special schools and separately stated fees for medical care included in tuition
48. Tax income preparation services and IRS audits fees
49. Theft or embezzlement losses
50. Trade or business tools with life of 1 year or less
51. Worthless stock or securities
52. Your (not your employer’s) contributions to a state disability fund

Now for the scoring – If you missed:

0 You are either not good at counting, or lying :-). Seriously, if you got all, send me any additional tips you may have

1-5 Excellent

6-10 Average

10-15 Not bad

15+ You need to get out more often :-)

turbotax 2016: turbo tax sale for free online tax filing (efile to irs)

turbo tax sale: Here is a deal that gives free online tax filing (e-file the taxes to irs).

Details: Fantastic turbo tax sale for federal and state income tax efile online. Guaranteed biggest possible tax refund within just 10 days. The turbotax sale applies to turbotax 2016 basic, turbo tax deluxe with state, turbo tax premier with state, turbo tax deluxe with state and turbo tax for business.

With this turbo tax sale, you get an absolutely free trial for turbotax 2016. You pay ONLY if you like the results. The online tax filing (efile to irs) comes free with this offer, regardless of the tax software package you try (or buy).

In summary, you get:

  • A no risk, absolutely free turbotax online trial
  • turbotax free efile (free electronic tax filing)
  • Guarantee that you will get the most possible tax deductions, and tax refund
  • And you will get your tax refund within 10 days

Enjoy! :-)

Last Chance Turbo Tax Coupons Today

Turbo Tax Coupons: Use it Or Lose it!

If you filed for an extension for your taxes, October 15th is the last day to file your taxes. This is your last chance to use the Turbo Tax coupons for free online tax filing this year. You would not be able to use these turbo tax coupons after today, as you can not file an extension any longer.

This is also a great time to plan your year 2016 taxes proactively.? You can use turbo tax 2016 coupons for advance purchase of this tax software to get $10+ off the 2008 prices.? In addition, I highly recommend Quicken 2017 coupons to save 36% Off Intuit Quicken 2017 software with free shipping.? You can then export your entire year of financial planning data into TurboTax 2016 for the tax time next year.

Turbo Tax professional tax preparation service review

Turbo tax recently started this new service for tax preparation by professionals.? They offer a free trial so that you pay only if you like the tax refund it finds for you.? In addition they also offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.? Now for the service, here is the how it works:

As you would do with a professional tax preparers, you give some basic information online.? Then you meet with one of the experienced tax pros over the phone.? You can also chat online with tax pros if you like (in addition to or instead of the phone meting).? There is no limit on the time you take to work with the experts.? The experts ask you questions, point out any deductions you may be missing, and alert you if any item on your return is likely to cause an IRS audit.

After the meeting they work offline, and come back with your completed return for a review with you. When you are happy with the return, they will sign it as a professional preparer, and guide you through eFiling (which is free).

They are so confident on their expertise that in an unlikely event of an IRS audit, they will fully stand behind it, and will handle everything on your behalf.

The expert tax preparation service covers almost all the types of returns. But if you have income from more than 3 states that require separate state returns, you are better off not using this service.

All in all, this is a better service (quality and value) compared to the H & R Block tax preparation.

Turbo Tax 2016: Turbo Tax coupons

It’s the Tax time! As if paying taxes was not bad enough, you have to pay for the software, plus pay additional for e-filing. For this year, Turbo Tax 2016 has an amazing offer, here is the detail:

When you click on the Turbo tax coupons link, it takes you to the Turbotax discount coupons official page. The offer is to “get your biggest tax refundthe fastest way”. They offer special online promotional discount on all of their turbotax products. All of them offer free online trial. You can choose to pay at the end if you like the results, otherwise you do not pay anything.

  • Turbo Tax Online basic
    • Free E-filing
    • Ideal for relatively simple tax returns like 1040EZ
    • Free trial. If you like the refund it can find for you, you can choose to pay $14.95
  • Turbo tax deluxe
    • Free E-filing
    • Ideal for maximizing tax deductions: They guarantee maximum refund, within 10 days
    • Find out how to qualify for over 350 deductions, including those for mortgage interest and donations
    • Free trial. If you like the refund it can find for you, you can choose to pay $29.95
  • Turbo tax premier
    • Free E-filing
    • Make the most of your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and rental properties
    • Ideal for maximizing tax deductions when you have investments
    • They guarantee maximum refund, within 10 days
    • Find out how to qualify for over 350 deductions, including those for mortgage interest and donations
    • Free trial. If you like the refund it can find for you, you can choose to pay $49.95
  • Turbo Tax home & business: The works
    • Free E-filing
    • Ideal for maximizing tax deductions for sole proprietors, consultants, contractors, or LLC owners
    • They guarantee maximum refund, within 10 days
    • Find out how to qualify for over 350 deductions, including those for mortgage interest and donations
    • Get extended help for your Schedule C. Find more business write-offs, and easily determine depreciation of your assets.
    • Free trial. If you like the refund it can find for you, you can choose to pay $74.95

If you like an old fashion turbo tax download, that is available at a discount coupon as well.

So no need to spend much money to save money. And certainly do not pay for e-file, as paying for taxes is hard enough :-).