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Free turbo tax for the web with free tax efile for 1040EZ

How would you like to have 100% free turbo tax online for the web? That’s exactly what official Intuit turbotax promo is offering. As if it was not good enough, they are throwing in free efiling of taxes online to IRS. The free turbotax offer is for 1040ez form. In other words, if your tax return is not complicated, you can use this offer to get your taxes done in jiffy, and pay nothing.I decided to check out the free turbotax offer. To my surprise, it really is free, with no catch. So why would they give away the tax software free? Simple: This is just like the retail stores giving away freebies to get you to visit the store, in hopes that you would like what you see, and would buy something more. As I mentioned before, the free offer is for the 1040EZ form. So if you own a business, or trade stocks and options for example, you would want to use the irs form 1040, which you would pay for. As a nice touch, they also have the offer on their site for trying out any of the upgraded products (turbo tax deluxe, premier, home and business, and business) for free, and pay at the end only if you like the results and your deductions. This year Intuit guarantees the maximum possible tax deductions for you.

So in conclusion, if you file 1040EZ, you can indeed get your taxes done online without spending a penny, and also get free online efile. For the upgraded versions, you can play around and see if you like the results, and then decide if you want to buy anything. Here is the link for this free turbo tax for the web promo.