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Turbo Tax professional tax preparation service review

Turbo tax recently started this new service for tax preparation by professionals.? They offer a free trial so that you pay only if you like the tax refund it finds for you.? In addition they also offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.? Now for the service, here is the how it works:

As you would do with a professional tax preparers, you give some basic information online.? Then you meet with one of the experienced tax pros over the phone.? You can also chat online with tax pros if you like (in addition to or instead of the phone meting).? There is no limit on the time you take to work with the experts.? The experts ask you questions, point out any deductions you may be missing, and alert you if any item on your return is likely to cause an IRS audit.

After the meeting they work offline, and come back with your completed return for a review with you. When you are happy with the return, they will sign it as a professional preparer, and guide you through eFiling (which is free).

They are so confident on their expertise that in an unlikely event of an IRS audit, they will fully stand behind it, and will handle everything on your behalf.

The expert tax preparation service covers almost all the types of returns. But if you have income from more than 3 states that require separate state returns, you are better off not using this service.

All in all, this is a better service (quality and value) compared to the H & R Block tax preparation.